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The Defence Police Federation & Thompsons Scotland Quality Control Service

Each area of law is becoming increasingly specialised and complex and Thompsons Scotland can provide advice to DPF Members and their family by specialists in each particular area of law.

Thompsons Scotland will constantly monitor, control and check that the service is running smoothly and also efficiently. Each member who uses the system will be called back to ask their assessment of the service. If the member cannot be contacted then a questionnaire will be sent out.

The telephone and questionnaire assessments have greatly assisted in ascertaining the need and demand of members for such legal advice. The service is dynamic and Thompsons and the DPF are always looking for ways to improve upon it.

If a member has any queries or in the event is unhappy with any aspect of the telephone access provided by Thompsons Scotland they should in the first instance contact Stacey Adamson the Advice Line Co-ordinator who will be happy to assist. Any complaints beyond this are to be addressed to:

Patrick McGuire,
Thompsons Solicitors,
285 Bath Street,
G2 4HQ


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