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Non Work Related Accidents and Diseases

Accidents outside the workplace can be devastating for the Member and their family. Deciding whether or not to pursue a claim, and how, can be very confusing.

Thompsons Scotland are experienced in such cases and are able to offer Members and their families:

  • FREE initial advice concerning the accident
  • FREE preliminary investigations
Where we are satisfied your case has a reasonable prospect of success we can pursue your claim on a No Win No Fee basis Thompsons Scotland can offer a No Win No Fee arrangement to Members as follows:-
  • We do not deduct a percentage from any damages that you may receive unlike claims companies who may take 30% or more before you receive any money at all.

  • We do not charge a success fee which is available to Solicitors in return for pursuing your case on a No Win No Fee basis

  • We can provide Members with insurance cover which is designed to protect you against paying the costs of the other side if you lose your case.

  • Our fees are in accordance with Law Society recommended table of fees and will be set off against the fees we are able to recover from the other side.

Thompsons Scotland can provide this service for all types of accidents and diseases outside the workplace, including road traffic accidents.



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