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Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 1998 came into force in the United Kingdom on 2nd October 2000. The Act incorporates the fundamental rights and freedoms contained in the European Convention on Human Rights into UK domestic law, allowing you to enforce these rights directly in the courts in the UK. The Act affects the exercise of your fundamental rights: what you can say and do, your beliefs, your right to a fair trial and other similar basic entitlements. The Act makes it unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with Convention rights.

The Human Rights Act represents a cultural shift towards the importance of individual and collective rights, particularly in the workplace. The most important rights contained in the Act for workers are:
  • Article 6 - the right to a fair trial (this is important in the area of disciplinary proceedings and administrative pension procedures as it includes any hearing determinative of your civil rights and obligations).

  • Article 8 - the right to respect for private and family life.

  • Article 9 - the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

  • Article 10 - the right to freedom of expression.

  • Article 11 - the right to freedom of assembly and association.

  • Article 14 - the right to enjoy convention rights without discrimination.

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