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The Defence Police Federation & Thompsons Scotland offer a new range of services.
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Free Wills

Free Wills will be provided to the Member and cohabiting spouse. There are several reasons for making a Will, here are just a few:-

  • To nominate who you wish to look after your affairs

  • To choose who will benefit from your estate

  • To ensure your wishes are clearly stated

  • To protect the position of unmarried partners

  • To look after the interests of surviving children and to appoint a Guardian

  • To try and avoid potential family conflicts

  • To detail any particular funeral instructions

  • To reduce administration costs

There will be no cost to the Member or spouse for this service. The Wills will be complete within 3 weeks of the return of the questionnaire or from initial interview.

Click here to complete a Free Online Will Form

Trust and Executry

In addition to the above service we also offer assistance in all aspects of Trust & Executry administration.

We understand that dealing with a family members Estate can be daunting and we hope to take that burden from you and your family. We will deal with all aspects of the Executry such as the Ingathering of the Estate, paying beneficiaries, Inheritance Tax and Confirmation.

We also have a wealth of experience in dealing with all different aspects of Estates thus ensuring piece of mind for you. One call and we take care of everything.

The administration of an estate can vary greatly from family to family and some can be reluctant to instruct Solicitors as they are worried about cost. We believe that our service also has the added security that you know what the fee for this service will be at the outset which is a maximum fee restricted to 2.5% of the value of the Estate (so can also be less). This removes any uncertainty for you as other Solicitors will only advise what their hourly rates are and not be able to give any indication on fees.

This service is available for all Estates even if Thompsons did not prepare the Will at the outset.



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